[Mimedefang] Getting Geylisting working

Michael Lang michi+mimedefang at relay3.jackal-net.at
Fri Sep 29 08:43:39 EDT 2006

On Fri, 2006-09-29 at 12:01 +0100, Andrew Watkins wrote:
> It is looking good.
> - The missing "query->execute();" in the filter_recipient seems to do
> the trick. I will monitor it so check it is 100% working.
> - GreyListCleanup.pl script only had the one error, since I added my own
> error ;-)
> 	my ($timstamp, $period, $GreyList, $cleanup);
> 	     ^^^^^^^^
> Should read:
> 	my ($timestamp, $period, $GreyList, $cleanup);
> - The Create Database script seems to be OK. The error seems to appear a
> lot on the web, so I have no answer to that one, but I just replaced the
> "prepare" and "execute" with "do" statements.
> Thanks for the quick response

I've tested it today with SQLite (v3) with copy & paste from the Wiki
and it worked even with the SQLite3 engine, maybe the folder permission 
as written before made troubles in your setup with SQLite3.

Kind regards
Michael Lang

> Andrew

Michael Lang <michi+mimedefang at relay3.jackal-net.at>

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