[Mimedefang] Auto Responders and SPAM

David Benigni dbenigni at lutron.com
Wed Sep 27 16:42:01 EDT 2006

Thank you for the responses.  The pattern has been clear for a while. :)
 I just wanted to get everyone's opinion.  I'd love to disable auto
responders to the outside world.  Just keep them on for internal use.  I
have doubts to whether that will fly or not.

Thanks again.

>>> dfs at roaringpenguin.com 9/7/2006 6:55:19 PM >>>
David Benigni wrote:

> I have been bitten twice by SPAM email forging addresses, someone
> vacation rule send a message to a rbl trap account and my servers
> black listed.

> Other than disabling rules like this, has anyone some up with a way
> reduce this?  I was think of using MIMEDefang to do this, but I
> to get community feedback first.

Well, I suppose that if something scores high on SpamAssassin, you
could add a Precedence: bulk or Precedence: junk header, which makes
some auto-responders not respond.  (But this isn't guaranteed.)

Or you could add an Auto-Submitted: auto-replied header to the
mail, which makes some auto-responders not respond.  (But this isn't

Do you see a pattern? ;-) There's no nice way to do this short of (1)
virtually guaranteeing that your auto-responder never gets fed a spam
message, or (2) disallowing auto-responders.



PS: If you *must* use an auto-responder, please make sure it behaves
at least as nicely as Sendmail's "vacation" program, which is one of
better-written auto-responders.  I've banned a few people from this
list for using broken auto-responders.
NOTE: If there is a disclaimer or other legal boilerplate in the above
message, it is NULL AND VOID.  You may ignore it.

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