David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Tue Sep 26 08:58:35 EDT 2006

Steve Jordan wrote:

> We are using sendmail 8.13.6 and plan on using mimedefang 2.56.
> LOOPBACK_RESERVED_CONNECTIONS does not seem to use the
> /var/spool/clientmqueue directory.

I think you misunderstand the purpose of LOOPBACK_RESERVED_CONNECTIONS.
All it does is reserve a certain number of slaves for SMTP connections

> And we are
> planning on using 2 of 10 slaves as reserved. Is this reasonable?

It depends completely on your mail volume.  2 of 10 seems excessive; 1 of 10
is probably more reasonable.

> We are
> mostly worried about spam storms. What happens when the reserved slaves are
> busy and mail starts piling up to use them?

You get tempfails.



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