[Mimedefang] Potential for Business mail servers tonot havereverse DNS

John Rudd john at rudd.cc
Fri Sep 22 21:32:35 EDT 2006

Kevin A. McGrail wrote:
>> By "strict interpretation", I mean "enforce all of these as MUST 
>> directives, instead of mere SHOULD directives/suggestions".
> I disagree with this statement but would like to have you review the 
> code I'm about to post.  RFC's use MUST/SHOULD on purpose and you must 
> not reinterpet the should's as must's just because you like it better ;-)

Actually, given what SHOULD means (that those who fail to obey them 
should fully consider the consequences of that action), and the text of 
the RFC that I quoted (which warns that failure to comply could result 
in service rejections), it's perfectly reasonable for a site to make 
those recommendations into requirements for service (which is all I was 

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