[Mimedefang] Potential for Business mail servers to not havereverse DNS

Kevin A. McGrail kmcgrail at pccc.com
Fri Sep 22 14:20:30 EDT 2006


Maybe I've lost the chain here but what does this have to do with reverse 

The post you discussed had these SA rules triggered:
 0.6 NO_REAL_NAME           From: does not include a real name
 0.0 T__EXTERNAL_IP         Received contains address not from our net
 3.4 HELO_DYNAMIC_IPADDR    Relay HELO'd using suspicious hostname (IP 
 0.8 INFO_TLD               URI: Contains an URL in the INFO top-level 
 3.2 URI_NO_WWW_INFO_CGI    URI: CGI in .info TLD other than third-level 
"www"Perhaps you are stretching the HELO test to reverse DNS?I will 
reiterate my opinion that legitimate servers using Dynamic IP addressese 
should relay outbound SMTP email off of their upstream ISP's email server, 
preferably using SMTP Auth.Regards,KAM> I signed up for a forum and the 
unfortunate choice of hosting for the forum > led to a rejected email:> > 

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