[Mimedefang] lost input channel.

David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Wed Sep 20 12:01:31 EDT 2006

J.P van Oyen wrote:

> Sep 17 20:46:00 www sm-mta[28696]: k8IKiuOO018686: lost input channel from
> ppp-104-23.telesat.com.co [] to MTA after mail

> Can this have anything todo with filters through mimedefang ?

Probably not.  It just means the other end abruptly closed the connection
without doing a QUIT first.

I've also noticed quite a few servers that have clients attached sitting
doing nothing.  You'll see "ps" listings like this (on Linux, anyway):

root 22028 0.0 0.1 [...] sendmail: MTA: server [x.y.z.w] cmd read

Some of these processes stick around for a long time and can cause a
DoS by using up memory.  I set confTO_COMMAND to 3m in my config files;
the default is 1h.  Haven't had a problem yet.



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