[Mimedefang] SOLVED:INVALID Curly braces in header (From: )

Dan Johansson rabies2000 at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 22 06:20:31 EDT 2006

Hi again,

just tried with MD2.57, sendmail 8.13.8, and the default mimedefang-filter 
coming with 2.57 (no spamassassin, virus scanners etc). The problem reoccurs 

However i also tried removing the Milter socket from the sendmail config, 
killed mimedefang-multiplexor, and resubmitted the mail.

Watching with tcpdump i see that the header STILL is invalid, when 
delivering upstream. So this isn't a MD problem, it seems to be a sendmail 
problem. Unfortunately i have a rather braindead MUA (Outlook 2003) so i 
didn't see this at first. Outlook only hangs if it's a multipart message.... 
The non-multipart message looks alright in outlook, but it definitively is 
not alright.

Sorry to have spammed the wrong list about this.

kind regards,

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