[Mimedefang] IPrange based Filter checks, need help to get the point ...

Michael Lang michi+mimedefang at relay3.jackal-net.at
Thu Sep 14 05:32:26 EDT 2006


i need your help to get my light on again ... 
i started switching my Mail Infrastructure to XEN, previously i 
noticed that when my one MTA send the other MTA (both XEN same LAN)
no filter gets applied. (except Filtertime Logentry :)
Okay in a different view this makes sence but isnt wanted ...

i didnt find an entry in the manpages which states that same LanSegments
dont get filters applied (its RFC1918 192.168 and too).
Remote Machines (different LanSegments) get filter applied like since

where do i miss the point ? or can it be a sendmail specific problem ?
i'm using Srv_Feature,Conn/Rate Limits (Feature delay_checks) 

thanks for any hint
Kind regards
Michael Lang

Michael Lang <michi+mimedefang at relay3.jackal-net.at>

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