[Mimedefang] Auto Responders and SPAM

Adnet Ghislain gadnet at aqueos.com
Mon Sep 11 05:14:02 EDT 2006

> 1) Less than 1% of the mail that slips through my defenses is spam.  
> None of it it viruses.  If 80% of what hits someone's autoresponder is 
> spam, then they're idiots.
you know, lots of people are not properly educated, if you mean that. It 
takes knowledge or/and money to filter this. Not everybody has either of 
those in the email field, perhaps we cannot just discard them outright, 
their choices impact us.
> 2) autoresponders are just tools.  They're neither good nor evil.  
> They were useful before spam, which means they are useful tools.  The 
> problem is not the autoresponder, it's the spam.  Throwing away 
> autoresponders due to spam fits "throwing out the baby with the 
> bath-water" perfectly.
we all know what is the problem. Autoresponder are , by far, not used by 
top email management people. Here,  autoresponder in summer are a pain 
to a dam lot of people. Saying that you have a responsible system 
managed by an email manager is all to your credit, that said, most 
people  just use plesk or cpanel feature to make an autoresponder but if 
you do not buy their anti spam add-on and anti virus add-on you are 
screwed ( most of them do not even know it or recognize that they do 
harm with it).

  And to come back to mime defang thing it is not easy to filter those 
if you do not want to filter legitimate autoresponders, so your own 
users will have trash responder in their box too i guess.

 Of course on this list we have more educated users but done wrong you 
will do much harm with autoresponder than you will help and this is my 

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