[Mimedefang] Sendmail delivery Problems

Paul Murphy Paul.Murphy at ArgentaDiscovery.com
Sun Oct 1 10:13:42 EDT 2006


>Situation :
>We use Sendmail and Mimedefang to relay Mails to our Domino Server.
>Everything was fine for weeks until the Domino-Server crashed.
>I thought that all mails are queued until the Domino Server is back on line , 
>but i waited 15 minutes and Sendmail still cant deliver Messages to Domino :
>"....Deferred: Connection refused by lotus1.company.com....."
>From the Linux - Server i made a telnet on Port 25 to the Domino Server and 
>everything was fine, i was able to send messsages.

It's likely you are using the HostStatus feature of Sendmail, which caches the last known status of each host for 30 minutes by default, so if a system is down when Sendmail tries to connect to it, it will still appear to be down for 30 minutes even if it was immediately available again after the Sendmail attempt.

See section 2.4 of the Sendmail operations guide: http://www.sendmail.org/doc/sendmail-current/doc/op/op.pdf 

To force delivery, either delete the relevant file in the host status directory and force the queue to run, or use the purgestat command to clear out entries.

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