[Mimedefang] DNS and MX records

netguy netguy at sound-networking.com
Sat May 13 19:15:34 EDT 2006

Hi Again

I thought that I might update this thread.   Lots of folks took the time 
to reply and/or voice their opinions, thanks.  I did not ever get a 
definitive answer so I figured that I was treading on new ground; 
sorta.  It seems to me that nobody really cares if domain.tld has an A 
record or not.  Note that there is no reason to other than ease of use 
for surfers because they are lazy and don't want to type in the www 
part.   Spammers apparently care as that is used to send spam even 
though there are no MX record(s).  Sure there are probably legitimate 
reasons to have one, but I myself would rather not have the network 
traffic banging on my door.   I keep up with MIMEDefang, spamassassin 
and graylisting, but I can't guarentee that it catches all of the crap.  
In my case, by not setting domain.tld with an A record, things don't 
happen quite as fast on the mail server which means my network traffic 
is less and I conserve bandwidth for normal traffic use.

Please read more about it as I posted to comp.protocols.bind.dns for 
wisdom.  If you check comp.protocols.bind.dns you can see the posting 
and replies with the .subject as 'DNS and MX'.  Kevin Darcy is one of 
the moderators and has graciously sent my post thru even though I am not 
an subscriber.

Thanks for all your replies!


netguy wrote:

> Hi all
> Please tell me that I am NOT weird?
> Receintly I updated DNS for a few domains.  My registrar gives the 
> option of assigning an IP addy for domain.tld without having an alias: 
> mail.domain.tld  Ok, says I, lets give it a go.  Bam!  Slam, Spam 
> started invading my privacy.  This leads me to believe either:
>    1. Mail ( spam ) in this case is being sent to domain names without 
> doing MX lookups.
>    2. I screwed something up.
> So I went in and unassigned that IP from domain.tld and that Spam 
> stopped.
> Will look into this further to make sure that I have the domain setup 
> proper.
> todh

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