[Mimedefang] Another silly idea

Matthew Schumacher matt.s at aptalaska.net
Wed May 3 12:33:57 EDT 2006

Ben Kamen wrote:
> Don't tell us that - we know. The problem is the ISP's want the
> dumbest people they can find to maximize their investment of their company.
> That means 99% of the folks of the engineering staff typically
> can't even SPELL D-N-S, let alone use a program like 'vi'.

Holy stereo typing Batman!!!

While I agree that many (even most) ISPs don't have qualified people on
staff, other ISPs have very talented people working for them.  One of my
co-workers handles cisco routers for our company and is very good at
what he does.  He was an electronics tech for many years, and has his
ham radio license.  Not only could he break down packets to the frame
and even binary level, I have no doubt he could even explain how the
+5/-5 volts on the wire works.

Just recently the telephone guys where having problems with some
equipment not ringing after a voip conversion, so he broke out his
scope, and discovered the voip equipment wasn't generating a proper
ring.  The vendors tech support sure wasn't expecting the following
phone call.  I would be willing to bet that that was the first time ring
problems had been reported at the frequency level.

Anyway, some ISPs have good people on staff, I think the bigger problem
is management limiting the authority of people that really know how to
get the job done.

My $.02


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