[Mimedefang] Accept mail before processing

Dirk Mueller dmuell at gmx.net
Tue Mar 14 06:28:59 EST 2006

On Tuesday, 14. March 2006 10:20, Thomas Tinglum wrote:

> Does anyone have a solution to this problem ?

Mail is a bulk service, there are no guaranteed response times. as such, a 
processing of mail within 2 seconds is quite good, and shouldn't cause any 

Of course there are impatient outlook users directly using the smtp server and 
they experience a blocked GUI while outlook is sending the email. the obvious 
solution is to disable scanning for them only or add an extra relay in front 
of it that immediately accepts the mail. You could also skip the time 
intensive spam scanning for outgoing email. 

I advise against the extra relay though. if the mail client is misconfigured 
and the email bounces for some reason, the original sender never receives the 
bounce and claims that your mail system is broken. Therefore you should 
enable the strictest-possible sender and recipient checks on the first-hop of 
the outgoing mail processing. 


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