[Mimedefang] MUA tracking?

Philip Prindeville philipp_subx at redfish-solutions.com
Thu Mar 9 12:48:43 EST 2006

Are you interested in just what your users are using, or what is still
out there?

If the former only, then you'll want to either just look at stuff
coming in that's authenticated, or coming in on your submission port,
or else coming from your internal networks... Or on messages that
have no Received: lines...


Josh Kelley wrote:
> I'm interested in gathering statistics on which MUAs our users use (so
> we can find out what mail clients are popular enough to officially
> support, which old clients we can drop support for, who's using old
> versions and should be gently encouraged to upgrade, etc.).  I figure
> that MIMEDefang can track this by grabbing the X-Mailer: header of
> messages as they go through, and I thought that I'd ask the list to
> see if anyone's already done this before I go write some code.
> Alternatively, would there be a better way of doing this?
> Josh Kelley

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