[Mimedefang] Verify sender domain (rewrite?) on outgoing mail

Larry Starr larrys at fullcompass.com
Fri Mar 10 14:17:18 EST 2006

I have recently run into a problem, that I'm having a little difficulty

I run a Debian Mail server:
	sendmail 8.13.4
	mimedefang 2.5.1

Sendmail is configured with:

I discovered, by accident, that outgoing mail, with a non-local domainname, 
for the sender (accidentially misspelled in this case), is relayed without 

The misspelled domain does resolve on the internet.

I have not been able to figure out how to cause sendmail to either reject, or 
rewrite, the sender in this case.

Mimedefang is configured with "filter_sender" which currently verifies that
address, which claim to be from my domains are actually from an IP address in 
my domains.  I am considering adding reverse tests, to verify that mail from 
one of my IP addresses actually claims to be from one of my domains.

Since I don't believe that filter_sender can rewrite the address (this would 
be acceptable in this case), I think I would have to REJECT the message.

Can anyone suggest a better solution?

Thank you,
Larry G. Starr - larrys at fullcompass.com or starrl at globaldialog.com
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