[Mimedefang] Problem with RTF Format and Disclaimer usign append_text_boilerplate or append_html_boilerplate

David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Thu Mar 23 14:33:09 EST 2006

Julio Cesar Salas Garcia wrote:

> I am using the MIMEDefang to add a Disclaimer in all email messages that
> are going to be sent, but i am having a problem with emails formated
> using the Outlook RTF format.

Right.  Appending a disclaimer to RTF is non-trivial.

> when I use HTML and Text there is no problem, ( additionally sending
> Attachments), but when someone uses this format and the mail is received
> by another client with Outlook, the Disclaimer is not shown....

Simply add a policy to your MIMEDefang filter rejecting RTF-formatted
mail.  Your users will quickly adapt and switch to plain-text or
HTML. :-)

> do you have any idea on how to handle this Kind of codification, and
> insert the Disclaimer in this format?

No, and it's extremely tricky.  Good luck!



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