[Mimedefang] Redirect spam

Kevin A. McGrail kmcgrail at pccc.com
Thu Mar 16 19:40:35 EST 2006

I think these building blocks will help:



in filter_end, add something like this untested code:

my ($list, $recip);

foreach $recip (@Recipients) {
      $list .= "$recip, ";

$list =~ s/, $//;

$Text::Wrap::columns   = 74;
$Text::Wrap::huge      = 'overflow';
$line = $Text::Wrap::wrap("", "\t      ", $list) . "\n";



>  how can I redirect a message to a different mailbox instead 
> of the intended recipient when it gets a score high enough to make it 
> bounce?  What I'd like to do is insert a header string that specifies 
> who the intended recipient or recipients are, and then send the message 
> through to a different box all together.  Can I do that within MD?

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