[Mimedefang] no filtering happening, no errors to be seen - how to troubleshoot?

Kitione Lalakomacoi kitione at lalakomacoi.com
Fri Jun 30 05:14:23 EDT 2006

> Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 07:01:29 +1200
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>         <dea18d510606281201t975aad9t7a21ff38f45411ae at mail.gmail.com>
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well my problem is solved, thanks everyone for all your help.

the problem was not with mimedefang at all, purely a sendmail issue.

still would appreciate anyone who can point me to a good guide on
md_syslog(), as i am sure this will come in handy later.
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> > 1) E.g.: use md_syslog() in all your filter_* functions to log the information you care
> > about in your filter.
> pardon my ignorance, but i really don't know how to use md_syslog()
> very well.  What parameters should i use with md_syslog()?
> should i fiddle with the line that says
> "md_graphdefang_log_enable('mail', 1);" at all?

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