[Mimedefang] Simplified single purpose mimedefang-filter

Paul Murphy pjm at ousekjarr.org
Fri Jun 23 18:12:16 EDT 2006

> On Fri, Jun 23, 2006 at 12:01:11PM -0500, reader at newsguy.com wrote:
> > I'm on a single user machine and want to debug my mail 
> setup.  Certain
> > mail leaves but never appears at its destination.  It is not being
> > rejected at my local MTA level  nor my ISP smart host.
> > 
> > I don't have any say on ISP smart host so:
> > 
> > I want to see *EXACTLY* what this mail contains as it leaves my mta.
> > I want a copy of my test mails dropped somewhere just as they appear
> > going to smarthost hub.

Run MIMEDefang with the -d switch, which leaves the spool directory intact.
Your mail log lists the message ID assigned to each message, so for message
ID k5NLXoYw007237, you would find all of the files (including INPUTMSG) in
/var/spool/MIMEDefang/mdefang-k5NLXoYw007237 (or wherever your spool files
are stored).

I've run a couple of small/medium sites, plus my home system, with the last
two days' messages kept in the spool directory, and purged with a 'find' run
nightly.  It can be very useful for filter debugging and for inspection of
odd messages, especially if your filter doesn't quarantine messages.

Note however that you need to ensure that the spool directory doesn't fill
the disk, and this is also not advised if you are using a RAMdisk or on a
busy server.


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