[Mimedefang] Spam block?

Damrose, Mark mdamrose at elgin.edu
Wed Jun 14 09:55:26 EDT 2006

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> From:  netguy

> Am getting *lots* of what looks like spam from the following.
> arin.net reports:
> WholesaleBandwidth, Inc. WHOLE-2 (NET-69-6-0-0-1)
>                          - 
> OptinRealBig.com ORB-BLK-69-6-10-0 (NET-69-6-10-0-1)
>                          -

OptinRealBig (and their variants) are block on sight here.
Drop it in /etc/access and forget about it.

> So before I block the ... ahem ... block, what do you all 
> feel about it?

I have all of the WholesaleBandwidth block blocked.

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