[Mimedefang] What determines ALL_TRUSTED?

Michael Faurot mfaurot at atww.org
Sat Jun 10 11:21:07 EDT 2006

In article <448AB17C.1000501 at insignia.com> you wrote:
> I've seen a few uncaught spams lately with ALL_TRUSTED scored.

> I see that this is determined by a function called check_all_trusted(),
> but my Perl isn't good enough to work out how this flag is determined.

> Mails are delivered direct via SMTP, not relayed from anywhere, so I
> don't see that there should be any trusted relays in the chain.

I believe this is handled through SpamAssassin's configuration via the
parameter 'trusted_networks'.

You'll probably want to cross-check the addresses and netblocks you
have listed in SpamAsssassin's configuration with the IP addresses
where the spam is coming from and then prune appropriately. 

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