MessageID's [was Re: [Mimedefang] Fw: [Sare-users] Spam with numbersin subj and b ody]

Damrose, Mark mdamrose at
Wed Jun 7 15:30:53 EDT 2006

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> From: Paul Whittney

> and thanks to the sendmail log, based on Mark's reply, I can 
> now check all the logs, not just the ones I added the MD logging to:
> k398tDXj013286,notspam,  1.893, 000001c65bc7$a4580810$dccda8c0 at eui70
> k398tHm7013291,notspam,  1.433, 000001c65bc7$a4580810$dccda8c0 at eui70
> k3995KvM013303,notspam,  1.279, 000001c65bc7$a4580810$dccda8c0 at eui70
> ...
> k4K46lIt008367,notspam,   5.54, 
> bae701c67bc3$985a3f40$ab4887fa at
> k4K51AC2008474,notspam,   5.54, 
> bae701c67bc3$985a3f40$ab4887fa at

> so, unless the sending machine is stuck, and sending the same 
> email over and over (possible, as AWL might be changing the 
> scores), these are against the RFC (yeah, I know, dropping 
> based on not going by the RFC's is just not going to work...)

They are only against the RFC if they are to the same recipient, or 
if they are truly different messages.  There is no guarantee that
multiple recipients of a mail message will come in the same session.

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