[Mimedefang] Fw: [Sare-users] Spam with numbers in subj and b ody

Damrose, Mark mdamrose at elgin.edu
Wed Jun 7 11:29:57 EDT 2006

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> From: Paul Whittney

> After reading some of the items here, I thought to take a 
> look at my logs, and see if there is a pattern of spam/ham to 
> the $MessageID.
> First problem I had was that I hadn't got the filter logging 
> the info, so I've started syslogging 
> filter_(subroutine),$QueueID,$MessageId,.....

sendmail logs this, so you don't need to have a separate log in MD.
k57FI4Sh026183: from=<user at example.com>, size=2974, class=0, nrcpts=1,
msgid=<06345F16BD04984 at mx.example.com>, proto=ESMTP, daemon=MTA,
relay=mx.example.com []

> Found, for example:
> k57Cmi17006408,spam, 7.398, <000001c68a34$99299710$a442a8c0 at bxb41>
> k57D7ZbK006518,spam, 7.398, <000001c68a37$43c1da50$9a70a8c0 at tul44>
> k57DNX0K006687,spam,15.212, <000001c68a39$7ef963c0$7ec5a8c0 at bss34>
> k57DP8Vs006708,spam, 8.249, <000001c68a39$ab508e30$53b8a8c0 at gdt80>
> k57DYuvp006769,spam,26.097, <001801c68a3b$2a7fe880$bc11a8c0 at qege>
> k57CqfVK006437,spam,28.497, 
> <005801c68a35$0fd2a280$631f000a at>
> Following this, I was thinking that having sort sort of 
> signature, or fingerprint for an email (like nmap's 
> fingerprints of OS's), but then I suppose this is what Razor 
> (etc...) do?

This particular fingerprint would be from a little used program called MS
Outlook Express.  Block this, and your volume of mail will go WAY down.

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