[Mimedefang] ANNOUCEMENT: Net::validMX v2.2.0 now available.

Kevin A. McGrail kmcgrail at pccc.com
Thu Jun 1 23:27:19 EDT 2006


Thanks.  A fix will be immediately applied for the ='s.

Also 192.168.X.X is fine if the MX records also contains internet accessible 
addresses.  So:

munged.com IN MX 25 [legit ip]
munged.com IN MX 10 [privatized ip]

should work fine because it tests that the address should be "eventually" 

I added this test to 02-pass.t if you want to test yourself before the next 

is( test('test at test7.peregrinehw.com'), 1, 'Test for DNS where MX1 is 
private, MX2 is private but MX3 is a valid internet address');

You can also manually change $flag_intranets = 1 to 0 if you want to avoid 
these checks.

Anyway, I'll overload the functions to allow more user variability. Look for 
this in the next release quite shortly. The premise is to allow:
check_valid_mx(email=>'test at www.thoughtworthy.com', flag_intranets=>'false') 
check_valid_mx(test at www.thoughtworthy.com')

99.9% sure I can do this without a hitch.


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> Nice. Thanks for that, I've already started looking at it.
> However, I had one problem with an email address from yahoo.com's
> groups, which includes an '=' inside the user portion of the email.
> I see I'm going to have to be careful with any internal email that 
> resolves
> to a 192.168 address...

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