[Mimedefang] Should I try to do MIMEDefang with Mailscanner for backup MX

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Tue Jun 20 15:46:10 EDT 2006

I'm new to MIMEDefang, so new, I haven't even downloaded it yet, but I have 
Googled, searched the archives, searched the MailScanner archives, and still 
have not come to a conclusion for the following question below. It seems 
others have done it based on what I have seen on the MS posts, but I don't 
get an idea of how difficult it is to implement, maintain, etc.

I am not a Perl programmer, although I am reading up on it. I use 
MailScanner with SpamAssassin and a few virus detectors on two mailservers. 
One is the primary MX for domain1 and secondary MX for domain2 and domain3. 
The other mailserver is primary MX for domain2 and domain3 and secondary for 
domain1. These are sendmail boxes on a Linux platform. Both boxes are the 
mailhubs for their respective primary domains and the secondaries relay to 
the primary mailbox server.

I would like to install MIMEDefang on both of these boxes, keeping MS and 
SA, to block those backdoor secondary-MX spammers. That is all I would like 
to use MD for (at least for now until I learn MD and Perl). I do not want to 
lose the backup MX queueing if the primary goes down. I do not use LDAP.

And now the question:
Based on the above information, should I attempt this?

I see plenty of stuff on the blocking scheme, but nothing really saying it's 
OK to do this with MS/SA all tied together on one box. Obviously, both 
servers would require MD/MS/SA with minor changes on each to handle the 
domain differences.

Steve Campbell
campbell at cnpapers.com
Charleston Newspapers

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