[Mimedefang] MIMEDefang - Restricting To Certain Email Addressees...?

Matt Dralle dralle at matronics.com
Mon Jun 19 01:01:33 EDT 2006


I just installed the latest version of MIMEDefang on a Redhat WS4 system and everything seems to be working alright at this point.

I am primarily using it for filtering enclosures sent to a number of Majordomo email lists and rewriting them to a web server as a reinserted URL.  Works great.

BUT...  The problem is that I really don't want to filter out enclosures for all of the email accounts on my system, just the ones associated with the email  lists.  Since MIMEDefang is so tightly integrated with Sendmail, I'm not seeing how I can tell either MIMEDefang or Sendmail "only filter for these specific email destinations".

Maybe there's a way I can just invoke MIMEDefang through a pipe in /etc/aliases instead of hooking it directly into Sendmail?

Thanks for the help,

Matt Dralle

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