[Mimedefang] Sendmail 8.13.7 relased

Cormack, Ken ken.cormack at roadway.com
Wed Jun 14 14:51:33 EDT 2006


Sendmail.org has released sendmail 8.13.7.  I see nothing in there that
should/would cause any issues for MIMEDefang, except for one overlapping
feature between the two packages.  The sample mimedefang-filter.example sets
"$MaxMIMEParts = 50", where if I'm reading the sendmail release notes
correctly, sendmail 8.13.7 now sets this limit at 20...

8.13.7/8.13.7	2006/06/14
	A malformed MIME structure with many parts can cause sendmail to
		crash while trying to send a mail due to a stack overflow,
		e.g., if the stack size is limited (ulimit -s).  This
		happens because the recursion of the function mime8to7()
		was not restricted.  The function is called for MIME 8 to
		7 bit conversion and also to enforce MaxMimeHeaderLength.
		To work around this problem, recursive calls are limited to
		a depth of MAXMIMENESTING (20); message content after this
		limit is treated as opaque and is not checked further.
		Problem noted by Frank Sheiness.

In the sendmail source tree for 8.13.7, I found MAXMIMENESTING defined in

David, would this "opaque remaining content" present a problem for


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