[Mimedefang] Mimedefang and header handling for spamassassin

Martin Bene martin.bene at icomedias.com
Wed Jun 14 06:08:32 EDT 2006


I've noticed that a couple of header tests don't seem to work if
spamassassin gets called via mimedefang; I've looked at the code to call
spamassassin in mimedefang.pl, and it looks like mimedefang doesn't pass
the original mail headers to spamassassin?

More specifically:

* Return-Path	==> generated by mimedefang
* Received:		==> just one line for local receipt, generated
by mimedefang
* To:			==> read from original headers, generated if
* Apparently-To:	==> generated by mimedefang
* Message-ID:	==> generated by mimedefang

Can anyone please explain why no headers from the original message
except for "To:" are passewd on to spamassassin? I'd expect quite a few
of these, especially the received headers, to be usefull?

Why not 
	* generate new received header
	* pass through all original headers

Missing or malformed To: or message-id: headers can be used as spam
indicators and there are rules in SA to evaluate these - but as far as I
can they're not usable because of the way headers are handled by

Thanks for any insights, Martin

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