[Mimedefang] Passing Variables from SA to DF

Gary McLean Gary.McLean at instinet.co.uk
Tue Jun 13 21:52:57 EDT 2006

Im not sure why im not seeing replies to emails being sent back to me, so
don't take the funny I don't respond.. I will try and find out what's

Ive set my memory settings in the start script for MD MX_MAX_AS= to 100 MEG
which is re-cycling the slaves once they hit that amount and upgraded my
memory to 1GB.

My other issue is, im trying to add extra headers to scanned emails that
Spam Assassin checks for. i.e. Ive tried adding the IS SPAM value and
X-Relay-Countries but the header appears but the value is blank.. How do I
get he value from the Spam_assassin_Check routing into DEFANG so that I can
set the header?

Many Thanks

            my($hits, $req, $names, $report, $countries, $isspam) =
            if ($hits < 40) {
                $score = "*" x int($hits);
            } else {
                $score = "*" x 40;
            # We add a header which looks like this:
            # X-Spam-Score: 6.8 (******) NAME_OF_TEST,NAME_OF_TEST
            # The number of asterisks in parens is the integer part
            # of the spam score clamped to a maximum of 40.
            # MUA filters can easily be written to trigger on a
            # minimum number of asterisks...
            if ($hits >= $req) {
                action_change_header("X-Spam-Score", "$hits ($score)
                action_add_header("X-Is-Spam", "$isspam");
                md_graphdefang_log('spam', $hits, $RelayAddr);


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