[Mimedefang] Odd question in my head

John Rudd john at rudd.cc
Wed Jun 7 11:54:46 EDT 2006

I know I _have_ to accept messages to postmaster and abuse.  I'm not 
questioning _that_.

But... can anyone think of a reason I _have_ to accept messages _to_ 
/^mailer.daemon@/i ?

I know I have to accept them _from_ mailer_daemon, and from <>, but why 
_to_ mailer_daemon?

It seems that the vast bulk of messages to mailer_daemon are bounces, 
typically a 2nd round bounce to a message that wasn't deliverable in 
the first place and was "from" a non-existent sender.  The other 
exception seems to relate to vacation messages.

Either way, I'd rather just not accept them.

Anyone have thoughts about that?

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