[Mimedefang] Fw: [Sare-users] Spam with numbers in subj and body

Kevin A. McGrail kmcgrail at pccc.com
Tue Jun 6 10:08:56 EDT 2006

Hi Skip:

Yes, others are seeing them sporadically across several servers.  It's been
in discussion mildly on the MIMEDefang list since yesterday evening.

I have inklings they are hotline virus related from one of the email
subjects I got but I have not been able to substantiate that yet.

I haven't seen any unmolested emails (ok I got one and deleted it :-( bad
me) so it's hard to write a rule for it but something like this would be a

header          __KAM_NUMBER1   Subject =~ /\d*/i
body            __KAM_NUMBER2   /\d{1,6}/
meta            KAM_NUMBER      ((__KAM_NUMBER1 + __KAM_NUMBER2) >= 2)
describe        KAM_NUMBER      Silly Number Emails
score           KAM_NUMBER      0.1


> Beginning yesterday, we began to receive spam email from a number of
> sources spoofing as our own users.  The email will appear as though it
> is both from and to the same recipient.  The subject will be 3 digits
> (i.e. 557) and the body 4 digits (i.e. 5567).  I've found 5 users over
> the last two days and one who indicated he received one on his personal
> account at his home.
> Is anyone else seeing these?  How can I proceed to block them?  Thanks.

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