[Mimedefang] RE: Installing MD on a Solaris 8 box?

Wilco md.list at tuskor.net
Tue Feb 28 19:46:24 EST 2006

David F. Skoll wrote:

>Blastwave decides to take over your entire computer.  It borks your Sendmail
>setup.  All their packages are compiled with Sun's C compiler, so if you
>ever need to install XS Perl modules and you only have gcc available, forget
>Blastwave's QA is awful.  I would stay away from them and stick to
I appreciate (and partly agree with) your opinion, I also prefer to use
and suggest the SMC packages (at least for gcc, gmake, curses, etc) for
most fundamental tasks, and have done for years. But there are no
MD/Sendmail/Milter packages available from SMC, at least not for sparc.
When used with caution and thourougly tested, I have found the blastwave
mimedefang/sa packages adequate...
(You're right about sendmail though: I have also run their sendmail
version and you have to be very cautious when it asks you what to do
with Sun's original version; I try to stick with Sun's version though;
come to think of it: I only use blastwave for mimedefang I think...)

I have, once, created a detailed installation manual which I still use,
even for essentially 'pkg-get -i mimedefang spamassassin'; including the
installation of my own basic configuration and filter. It saves me (my
colleagues use it also ;-)) a lot of time each installation.

Kind regards,

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