[Mimedefang] Re: Justifying greylisting to management

Gary Schrock lists at eyelab.psy.msu.edu
Mon Feb 27 13:02:12 EST 2006

David F. Skoll wrote:
> While this wastes bandwidth, it does keep those marginal SMTP implementations
> from failing.  It also lets us log subject lines of greylisted mail, and we
> get lots of logs like this:
> what=greylisted, relay=,
> sender=blitzkriegii at crb-recovery.com, subject=Corel Draw
> what=greylisted, relay=, sender=grimes_fa at is.lt,
> subject=High quality watches

Hey David, any idea what percentage of the spam that's blocked this way 
would also end up blocked by spamassassin?  (Or at least tagged as spam, 
since some people don't block at all, we do if it scores more than a 
specific value, but let spam through tagged below said value).  Other 
than a resource issue in running SA, it would seem to me once you accept 
the data phase, if most of the stuff is going to be marked anyways, then 
at worst all you're doing is adding more tagged spam to the mix.  
Obviously for some people this alone is enough reason for greylisting, 
so I'm not trying to use this as an argument against it (my only 
argument was in my other message to the list), but I am vaguely curious.

Gary Schrock

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