[Mimedefang] best way to access SA's PerMsgStatus

Gary Schrock lists at eyelab.psy.msu.edu
Tue Feb 21 14:03:09 EST 2006

David F. Skoll wrote:
> Gary Schrock wrote:
>> I'm wondering what people think would be the best way to access
>> SpamAssassin's PerMsgStatus functions from within mimedefang.
> Read the man mimedefang-filter man page.  (Hint: Grep for
> spam_assassin_status)
I had actually looked through that, although I have to admit, it did 
leave me wondering.  I may be misinterpreting things here (quite 
probably), but my guess is if I was using that, I'd want to remove the 
calls already in the filter to spam_assassin_check, and do the check 
entirely myself, otherwise it'd be running the tests again?

Looking at the code flow, my guess would be that I'd call 
spam_assassin_check, which would return the status object for me, I 
could then query the values I'm looking for, then call 
status->finish().  Doing that stuff would replace the line 
my($hits....)=spam_assassin_check() in filter_end.

Hmm, that does seem a little easier now that I think about it more than 
changing mimedefang.pl

Gary Schrock

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