AW: AW: [Mimedefang] network-tests withmimedefang 2.54andspamassassin3.1.0 [SOLVED]

James Ebright jebright at
Sun Feb 12 18:51:39 EST 2006

v310.pre is where that is located if I recall corerectly, if you had 
read the install  readme and upgrade notes for sa 3.10 you woudl have 
known dcc was disabled by default due to licensing issues and the way 
they split up the various SA modules differed a bit too requiring a few 
changes to your pre files, and v310.pre was added with this version.....

Anyway, sorry to say.. twas another case of RTFM


Florian Meister wrote:

>Your tipp with the init.pre was a good hint. There were some modules
>have to be loaded to get dcc running. Other modules than dcc ;) 
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