[Mimedefang] Double From: lines in email

Sleeuwenhoek J. J.Sleeuwenhoek at tweedekamer.nl
Tue Feb 21 05:08:25 EST 2006

Hi all,

Currently I have a mimedefang-filter in place to prevent forged From: headers from entering our email system. See snippet:

if (is_local_sender()) {
} else {
  if ($Sender =~ /\@ourdomain.com/ or $Sender =~ /\@ourdomain2.com/ {
    return action_discard();

This doesn't stop emails with double From: headers from forging internal emailaddresses. Does anyone know of a method to stop this from happening. Currently I'm preventing this with a custom spamassassin rule, but I like to log this with MD.

Thanks, Johan

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