[Mimedefang] Unintended consequences

Jeff Rife mimedefang at nabs.net
Wed Dec 27 20:37:14 EST 2006

On 28 Dec 2006 at 1:29, Jan-Pieter Cornet wrote:

> I'm not aware if this same bug can be hit by common windows MUAs
> like outlook express, but it would frankly astonish me if there
> isn't a windows MUA out there that isn't susceptible to this.

Any MUA that does not embed IE in order to display HTML will be safe.

I know Pegasus Mail (which I use) falls into this category.  It renders
HTML with no ability to understand (or execute) scripting or embed 
objects, and won't retrieve anything because of a "src=" tag (although 
it will display attached images if you choose using a built-in 

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