[Mimedefang] Cron job restarting mimedefang problem

Raymond J Spinhirne rays at stedwards.edu
Wed Dec 20 16:42:51 EST 2006

I don't know about this specific problem.

However, the usual cause of this kind of problem is the
failure to have some env variable set when the job is
run from cron.

Ray Spinhirne

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Subject: [Mimedefang] Cron job restarting mimedefang problem

I have a script that stops and restarts sendmail/mimedefang/greylist. 
Mimedefang works fine every time I run this cript from command line.
But when running with a cron job, mimedefang always goes bad... it's really 
a weird problem...

I have grepped for 'mime' in the mail log during the cron restart cycle and 
attach the file here. Hopefully it can help finding a solution for me...
Thanks for any help, please!
An Nguyen 

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