[Mimedefang] Overcoming RPM stupidity

Jan-Pieter Cornet johnpc at xs4all.nl
Tue Dec 19 04:18:02 EST 2006

On Mon, Dec 18, 2006 at 09:28:51PM -0500, David F. Skoll wrote:
> Hmmm....  I'm sure I had a reason for using the Syslog modules the way I
> did instead of detecting them at runtime, but I can't remember what it
> is.  I'll look into making mimedefang.pl detect the right syslog module
> at runtime, which should make this a non-issue.

Probably because you're calling syslog (-related) functions before
loading the user supplied mimedefang-filter, and doing detect_and_load_

However, from my cursory inspection, that only happens in case of
an error... I don't really think it's a problem when you autodetect
your modules, and uses the autodetected syslog available to log an
error for example about an unreadable filter, without consulting any
user preferences in the user supplied (but unreadable) filter :)

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