[Mimedefang] $RelayHostname not matching sendmail's Receivedheader?

Mike Lambert lambert at jeol.com
Tue Dec 5 15:37:34 EST 2006

Michael Sims wrote:
> Joseph Brennan wrote:
>> --On Thursday, November 30, 2006 14:51 -0600 Michael Sims
>> <michaels at crye-leike.com> wrote:
>>> Received: from adsl86-34-215-137.romtelecom.net
>>> (adsl86-34-215-137.romtelecom.net [] (may be forged))
>>> by <my relay running MIMEDefang> ...
>>> However, inside my mimedefang-filter, the value of $RelayHostname
>>> was not "adsl86-34-215-137.romtelecom.net" as I expected, but rather
>>> it was "[]", seemingly indicating that MIMEDefang was
>>> not able to determine the relay's hostname.
>> Sendmail wants forward and reverse to match.  See "(may be forged)"?
>> This host has a PTR but no A (or at least not an A with this name).
> Ah.  So you're saying that sendmail doesn't provide the PTR record to the milter
> unless it has verified that forward and reverse match?  That certainly seems to be
> what I'm seeing here.  

This feature may help (it works for access.db lookups):



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