[Mimedefang] Image validator/OCR SA plugin

Nels Lindquist nlindq at maei.ca
Wed Apr 19 19:11:10 EDT 2006

On 14 Apr 2006 at 18:42, Martin Blapp wrote:

> This is just a little advertisement for my plugin which is now
> in a usable state and works very well.
> Anyone interested should keep an eye on it - it really helps
> with the image only spam we get today. But problably the spammers
> will soon change their tricks to different images which are more
> difficult to read :-(

This is a really cool idea.

As far as spammers obfuscating their images, couldn't that be worked 
around by tying OCR into the bayesian system?  Then obfuscation 
wouldn't matter--whatever munging is done to a particular image would 
produce the same OCR strings, before and after bayes training.  You 
wouldn't need to know particular strings to match beforehand in that 

That would force image spammers would to produce a unique obfuscated 
graphic for every single message, which seems like an expensive 

Of course, I once thought producing a unique set of (text) bayes 
poison for every message was expensive, and that sure didn't stop 

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