[Mimedefang] Memory Usage

Trevor mimedefang at johncom.net
Sat Apr 1 10:32:08 EST 2006

Yes it's a 64bit system.  Is there a noticeable difference if you run DNS
locally on the servers than from another local server.


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Trevor wrote:

> I'm running 2 X sun Fire V210 2X 1GHz CPU's with 2GB RAM. Running 
> Sendmail-Mimedefang-SpamAssassin.
> I have a MAX of 20 processes using Embed Pearl.
> What determines the memory sise of each process many people on this 
> list have 20-30mb sizes mine on the other hand are around 75M each.

I believe the Sunfire V210 is a 64-bit system, right?  Perl on a 64-bit
system uses a LOT more memory than on a 32-bit system.  I guess it uses a
lot of pointers in its internal data structures.


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