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Thu Apr 27 17:40:41 EDT 2006

Heads up:

Subject: Verizon's Aggressive New Spam Filter Causing Problems (Slashdot)

   [ScuttleMonkey on Slashdot:]

Aviancarrier writes "Verizon DSL has turned on a very aggressive spam filter
that is blocking lots of long-time legitimate e-mails. E-Mails get bounced
with an error: 'XX at verizon.net: host relay.verizon.net[] said:
550 E-Mail from your E-Mail Service Provider is currently blocked by Verizon
Online's anti-spam system. The e-mail "sender" or E-Mail Service Provider may
visit http://www.verizon.net/whitelist and request removal of the block.'
That whitelist web page lets you request one address at a time to be
whitelisted with no guarantee for their response time to process it.  I have
tested multiple e-mail sources and only one got through. As a VZ customer, I
just spent 28 minutes on a call to tech support, eventually got a supervisor
who knows nothing about the new spam feature, and would only agree to e-mail
a manager who doesn't work weekends about it. I warned her that VZ has a
public relations problem but she was too clueless to understand." Many users
have submitted this problem so it seems to be a pretty far reaching
problem. There is also a discussion going on over at Google about this
problem. ...

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