[Mimedefang] Sendmail issue (not sure if MD related or not)

Doug Hubbard doug at trackmaster.com
Thu Apr 6 10:17:24 EDT 2006

I need some help if you can provide it (at least pointing me in a 
Here is my issue.
I have an SMTP server that is hanging up for long periods of time on 
smtp transactions. The lag occurs when the server gets the RCPT TO: command
Here is an example from a telnet session
220  ESMTP
HELO localhost
250 smtp.trackmaster.com Hello doughomelaptop.trackmaster.com [] (m
ay be forged), pleased to meet you
MAIL FROM:<doug_AT_trackmaster.com(munged manually after the fact)>
250 2.1.0 <doug_AT_trackmaster.com(munged manually after the fact)>... 
Sender ok
RCPT TO:<doug_AT_trackmaster.com(munged manually after the fact)>


250 2.1.5 <doug_AT_trackmaster.com(munged manually after the fact)>... 
Recipient ok
221 2.0.0 smtp.trackmaster.com closing connection

I also get the same behavior on my other box running MD, but I do NOT 
see this on my box without MD (used as a backup for just such an 
occasion). I have tried Googling the issue but have not found anything 
there. I am also trying to dig through and see exactly what is different 
between the boxes that work and don't to see what could be causing this.
The mail config on the system in question has not changed, but the DNS 
entries were updated the day prior to this happening. I am inclined to 
think that is NOT the issue as the server that is working has the exact 
same resolv.conf as the ones that are not.
If this is more of a sendmail specific issue, I would still appreciate 
any help you can give me (I will post to a sendmail list as well, but 
seem to have better luck here).


Here are the system specs (and yes I know I need to update SA and MD. It 
is on my list, but that is not what is causing this issue which I need 
to fix first)
Solaris 8
perl 5.8.3
Sendmail Version 8.13.6
Clam AV 0.88
SpamAssassin version 2.63
# mimedefang.pl -features
MIMEDefang version 2.42

Archive::Zip                  : yes
File::Scan                    : yes
HTML::Parser                  : yes
HTML::TokeParser              : yes
Path:CONFDIR                  : yes (/etc/mail)
Path:QUARANTINEDIR            : yes (/var/spool/MD-Quarantine)
Path:SENDMAIL                 : yes (/usr/lib/sendmail)
Path:SPOOLDIR                 : yes (/var/spool/MIMEDefang)
SpamAssassin                  : yes
Unix::Syslog                  : yes
Virus:CLAMAV                  : yes (/usr/local/bin/clamscan)
Virus:CLAMD                   : yes (/usr/local/sbin/clamd)
Virus:FileScan                : yes
HTMLCleaner                   : no
Virus:AVP                     : no
Virus:AVP5                    : no
Virus:BDC                     : no
Virus:FPROT                   : no
Virus:FPROTD                  : no
Virus:FSAV                    : no
Virus:HBEDV                   : no
Virus:NAI                     : no
Virus:NVCC                    : no
Virus:OpenAV                  : no
Virus:SOPHIE                  : no
Virus:SOPHOS                  : no
Virus:SymantecCSS             : no
Virus:TREND                   : no
Virus:TROPHIE                 : no
Virus:VEXIRA                  : no

Anomy::HTMLCleaner            : missing
Archive::Zip                  : Version 1.14
Digest::SHA1                  : Version 2.10
File::Scan                    : Version 1.43
HTML::Parser                  : Version 3.45
HTML::TokeParser              : Version 2.30
IO::Socket                    : Version 1.28
IO::Stringy                   : Version 2.110
MIME::Base64                  : Version 3.05
MIME::Tools                   : Version 5.417
MIME::Words                   : Version 5.417
Mail::Mailer                  : Version 1.67
Mail::SpamAssassin            : Version 2.63
Unix::Syslog                  : Version 0.100


Doug Hubbard - IT Manager
TrackMaster, an Equibase Company
email doug at trackmaster.com <mailto:doug at trackmaster.com>
Website www.trackmaster.com <http://www.trackmaster.com>
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