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Tue Sep 20 10:22:41 EDT 2005

Quoting Mack <roaringpenguin.com at bass-speaker.com>:

> Just a thought on this,
> Mimedefang example filter only adds the headers
> X-Scanned-By:
> X-Spam-Score:
> the other 3 headers you have 
> (X-Spam-Checker-Version:,X-Spam-Level:,X-Spam-Status:) make me think 
> that spamassissin is running directly within sendmail ?
ps -e | grep spam -> shows nothing...
> and not just being called from within  mimedefang -
> issue a
> spamassissin stop statement and see if that breaks the sendmail
$/etc/init.d/spamassassin stop
Stopping SpamAssassin Mail Filter Daemon: No spamd found running; none killed.

> you can check for spamassassin by
> ps -ef |grep spam
> to see if it's running
> I think it's the spamass-milter you've got somewhere
what's that??


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