[Mimedefang] Re: Cannot mkdir(Work)

Scott Wunsch mimedefang-list at tr.wunsch.org
Tue Sep 13 13:01:33 EDT 2005

On Fri, 09-Sep-2005 at 14:50:32 -0600, Scott Wunsch wrote:

> Since the upgrade to Mandriva 10.2, when I first fire up MIMEDefang and
> Sendmail, everything works fine for almost two minutes... and then I
> start getting piles of these errors in my logs:
>  Sep  9 14:45:00 servername mimedefang.pl[18805]: j89KivVZ019522: Cannot mkdir(Work): No such file or directory

Okay, now I feel silly.  I had told Sendmail to run under a particular
group... but the sendmail binary was setgid to a different group.  It
looks like what would happen is my MIMEDefang filter would try to submit
a message to Sendmail, Sendmail would do crazy setuid things, and then
MIMEDefang wouldn't be able to touch its spool directory from that point

Anyhow, mystery solved.  Figured I should post to the list, just in case
anybody else is ever as foolish as me :-).

Take care,
Scott \\'unsch

... Open mouth, insert foot, echo internationally.

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