[Mimedefang] MX ->

Kevin A. McGrail kmcgrail at pccc.com
Sun Sep 11 14:01:15 EDT 2005


This looks like a good idea! Where (which routine) did you add this to your
relay? filter_end?

Also, does this stop people from using sendmail directly to send email or
the few local users who might send mail with mutt or pine?


> We've been doing this for quite a while:
>         if ($RelayHostname eq "localhost") {
>             md_graphdefang_log('bounce',"PTR_to_localhost",$RelayAddr);
>             action_bounce("You are not localhost");
>             return action_discard();
>         }
>         if ($Helo eq "localhost") {
>             md_graphdefang_log('bounce',"HELO_localhost",$RelayAddr);
>             action_bounce("You are not me");
>             return action_discard();
>         }

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