[Mimedefang] OT: Email web form exploits

Chris Gauch cgauch at digicon.net
Fri Sep 9 13:58:56 EDT 2005

David Skoll wrote:
> Chris Gauch wrote:
> [Add fake fields to forms and reject if they're not blank.]
> Now THAT is clever.  I like it!
> In fact, you might want to log the contents of the fields somewhere,
> because chances are they'll contain probe addresses that might
> be helpful for tracking down the spammers.

Yes, we are certainly doing that.  We log the REFERER information including
remote IP addresses to a database and check it every so often (we're only
doing this on 1 or 2 forms that we developed in hopes of tracking down the
offenders).  So far, most of the offending IPs point to Eastern Europe and

- Chris

Chris Gauch
Systems Administrator
Digicon Communications, Inc.
cgauch at digicon.net

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