[Mimedefang] filter question

David Koski dkoski at umich.edu
Thu Sep 8 14:13:34 EDT 2005

I'm looking for a filter to allow an opt-out per user using any type of
filtering (Or more in the case, I would prefer to allow the user to opt-out
of using SpamAssassin but not Clamav (But an example that just allows the
user to opt-out of any filter would be fine, gets me started in the right
direction)).  I have a couple of system users that I know we don't want to
do any sort of Spam filtering on.



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David Koski wrote:
> In my frustration, I'm sure I missed something (And I'm almost sure
> this has been asked more than a few times), but I've been unable to
> find a good example of an opt-out filter.  I was wondering if someone
> could point me to or send me an example of an opt-out filter?

Perhaps you could explain a little more what exactly the "opt-out filter"
does in your context?

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