[Mimedefang] Re: exiting the filter before any processing

Rolf rolf at ses.tas.gov.au
Tue Sep 6 22:29:39 EDT 2005

Yes that is a good point and I have decided not to skip some checks on 
outgoing mail.



> On Jan 27,  5:57pm, Rolf wrote:
> }
> } If $RelayAddr is the address of the ISP mail server then processing
> } continues as usual. If, however, it is the address of the LAN mail
> } server then spam, attachments, size, and so on that the filter checks
> } are all to be ignored, but append_text_boilerplate() is to be 
> applied.
> } I can easily apply the boilerplate routine to the right msgs, but I
> } can't find a simple way to ignore the rest of the processing for the
> } same msg.
>      In addition to what everybody else has said, I just have to point
> out that this is dangerous.  At the very least, you should virus check
> outgoing mail.  This will help to catch internal machines that get
> viruses early on, and it will help prevent you from attacking others,
> which will affect your reputation.
> }-- End of excerpt from Rolf
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